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Nadine Brewster
Belief Coding®️ and Life Coaching

Transforming your limiting beliefs to take control of your life forever

Accredited in Belief Coding, Accredited ICF Life Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, Accredited Designing your life coach, BSc Psychology & Sociology 

A revolutionary new science backed modality that accesses and reprograms your sub-conscious beliefs to live the life you desire.

Are YOU ready to take control of your Limiting Beliefs forever?

These are some the beliefs I have transformed for my clients. ​

Phobia of Dogs

After one session my client was able to stroke a dog the next morning


Just had an amazing session with the lovely Nadine. She was professional and patient and just shows how amazing belief coding is when you feel the shifts instantly.

Nadine created a comfortable and safe environment where she carefully listened to everything I had to say and I was able to share without any judgement. Since working with Nadine I have noticed a positive shift in my mindset, attitude and outlook, successfully landing a new job in my dream industry a few weeks after my first session.

OMG - How to even explain the experience... I'm not sure I can but everyone should have a go and be open-minded. Everyone in their life has something which is holding them back from achieving more or wanting more. What 'if' that thing wasn't there anymore?!

This was not like anything I have experienced before but Nadine made me feel so comfortable and free to experience and believe int the session. I haven't stopped telling my friends 'You should do it'. It's so exciting this is available and works with instant results. Thank you, Nadine you really have changed my life.

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